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The latest addition to the Beacon Light family is the LE-HB150LED temporary LED high bay. High-efficiency LEDs provide 15,000 lumens to iluminate 3,000 square feet when mounted at a ceiling high of 20 feet. Replacing any 400W metal halide bay light with the LE-HB150LED is a safer and smarter lighting solution in any application. A major advantage of Lind Equipment’s temporary LED high bay is it comes daisy-chainable out of the box. The LE- HB150LED can run eight lights daisy chained on the same 15A circiut, compared to traditional 400W metal halide high bays, which only allow three. The 150W bay light projects shadow free crisp bright white light generated via solid state LEDs that can endure shocks, vibrations and rough handling without breaking. The high- quality LEDs are cool running and rated for over 50,000 hours (5 years of 24/7 use), meaning you never have to change a bulb. The LE-HB150LED will provide instant start even in the coldest locations, and the unit instantly restarts in the event of a power failure, unlike traditional bulb based high bays. The IP65 weather proof rating will make sure this high bay light will succeed in the toughest environments.

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