Quest Power AirMax

Quest 398.09
$398.09 CDN

Power 1.9 amps, 110V Airflow 925 CFM Cord 16 ft Power Cord Outlet 15A UL Rated GFCI Duplex Receptacle - Quest recommends two air movers for each dehumidifier used to speed up the evaporative process, allowing the dehumidifier to remove water more quickly. Quest Power Air Movers are not only powerful, producing maximum airflow, but also are very energy efficient. A Quest Power Air Mover uses less than 3 amps of electricity, allowing more power for other construction equipment necessary on the job site. The AirMax, C1000 Plus and A3000 Plus Air Movers are equipped with an onboard GFCI outlet and circuit breaker and can be “daisy chained” (up to 4 fans on one circuit) for convenience on the job.

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